Pubs and Taverns UK

Pubs and Taverns

Pubs in the UK have long been sanctuaries/Anchors of casual socialization, where the unwritten rulebook often includes a temporary suspension of rigid class distinctions and societal norms. These cozy establishments create a unique space where men engage in hearty conversations with their peers, breaking down barriers that might otherwise exist in a more formal setting. There’s a certain charm to the pub atmosphere, a relaxed vibe that acts as a social lubricant, making it socially acceptable to approach and get to know people, particularly for those seeking potential romantic connections.

Ye olde Cork Tavern
Ye Old Cock Tavern 1887 – Fleet Street , A Victorian building of Neo Gothic Architecture -(2023)
The Red Lion – Est.1887 Moorgate In London (2024)
Crown and Horseshoes Pub – Enfield in Greater London (2024)
The Blue Posts , est 1700, Soho in London (2024)
The Railway Tavern – The City London (2024)

Wall Art – UK

A currated collection of Wall Art that transcends the boundaries of imagination and brings the soul of artistic expression to public living spaces, embrace the Art through our seamless online gallery experience.

Among the pieces presented two are by the incredible Polish Artist Woskerski now living in London , also included is Art by Yeko of Spain, Inkfun from ireland, Giuseppe Amed and Driper.


Algotrading – Science of Bungee Jumping

Pagasos Algo

Artificial Intelligence is making its baby steps in 2023, In the Financial Trading Sphere it expresses itself currently mostly as a simple artificial neural network under the name Algotrading, it equates to bungee jumping into the great uknown, a competition between early managed neural networks trying to better each other, with massive amounts of money at stake, bizarrely, these days extreme arrogance helps a lot just like in poker, provided there is a reason for the arrogance 🙂

Pegasus is an Algotrading system I wrote mostly in Python, a never ending project as most A.I. work , unlike ‘Google Brain’ its input is not language but neural network algorithms (encoder-decoder structure of the transduction model part of the Transformer Architecture, neural network layers account for context and analysis Data) which contain most of my trading experience of 35 years (fuzzy logic controller) suplemented by advanced access to Information and superb math capabilities.

Pegasus Algotrading
Intro Screen of The Genesis of Pegasus

More to come on actual algotrading … first we can talk of neural Networks and explore the transformer Architecture … soon or if you cant wait 🙂 and enjoy self punishment
and somewhat more specific


Medusa Head

Paintings, Sculptures, and Other Artifacts – Objects used by people that have aesthetic & cultural, or even archaeological significance.

I will start this gallery in a unorthodox way with a black and white image of gorgon Εὐρυάλη (Euryale) a woman who many men have met in her various modern representations …. further down this page Chuck painted how she appears in life .

Versace, one of my favourite artists , I present a small collage I made of his patterns, On the right inside the Versace style frame is an image of Gianni Versace’s fashion artworks displayed at the Groningen Museum, Netherlands. I could have posted my lively and fashionable wife walking down the street, but hey! too much art can kill. Later I will post another Versace exhibition by my aunt in Germany

Beautiful Artwork By the Young London Artist Chuck

Resuming our artistic journey, I present a captivating portrayal of a London window, evoking nostalgic reflections from the serene decades of the 1960s and 1970s.
Art Deco, House Of Erte Figurine ‘Symphony In Black’ with Swarovski crystals, platinum accents, and a sterling silver chain and 24k gold

Greek Bonds

Greek Bonds

Much Like Banknotes Bonds are a reflection of a country’s aspirations and culture but somewhat skewed towards the elites, here I present a small collection of Greek (Hellenic) Bonds some from our private Collection.

Jewelery Art

Jewelery Green

The metamorphosis of nature, The richness & beauty of concentrated emotions through allegoric symbolism and emblematic objective form.
Deserves a Separate Category than a ‘mere’ Artifact Due to its Classical Added Use As a Financial Instrument.

We open this section with a Cartier Brooch of 1923 inspired by Ancient Egypt , a winged Scarab a symbol of the god of sunrise Khepri of Atum and of Re , basically symbolising resurection, rebirth, protection, immortality, wealth and royalty…. a symbol from the land of my ancient male ancestors 😃

A Lovely Enamel Broch with diamonds, ruby , perls and ‘tiffany green’ glass , by a Faberge workmaster August Frederik Hollming 1854-1915

An Art Nouveau floral Brooch with large pearl , rose diamonds in silver and gold mounted plique a jour enamel scrolls , by Hessenberg of frankfurt and Homburg

A lovely item by Rene Lalique c.1930’s is this wonderfull Art Nouveau Dragonfly Jewelery piece.

A gold snake Brooch with diamonds and Emerald

Ancient Architecture – Byzantium

Christ Chapel Byzantium

Constantinople the Cosmopolitan Capital Of The Greek-Roman World , a Beacon of Civilisation and Commerce , home to some of my ancestors … Considering many of the ancient buildings have been destroyed by wars and looting I have to use accurate reconstructions

Πορτα και Παλατι Βουκελεων – Palace Of Voukeleon 1200AD
Φιλαδελφίον – Philadelphion in Constantinople 1200AD
Παλατι Βουκελεων – Palace Of Voukeleon 1200AD
Τομη Παλατι Βουκελεων – Palace Of Voukeleon 1200AD

more soon 🙂

The Senate House and Forum of Constantine – Constantinople
Αγία Σοφία (Κωνσταντινούπολη) – (Agia) Sancta Sophia Church Constantinople
Βασιλική Φορου Θεοδοσιου – Basilica of The Forum Of Theodosios In Constantinople
Παλατι και Πορτα του Βουκελεων – Palace and Port Of Voukeleon 1200AD
Temple of the Sun God Helios – Constantinople
Palace Of Hrisotriklinos – Παλατι Χρησοτρικλινος
Φόρος Θεοδοσίου – Forum of Theodosius In Constantinople (road left from Agia Sophia)
The Porta Aurea – Golden Gate in Constantinople
Column Of The Lion – Constantinople

Architecture – UK

All Architectural Styles can be found in Britain: Classical, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical , Victorian (Gothic Revival (Neo Gothic), Italianate, and Queen Anne) , Art Nouveau, Modernism, Postmodernism, Contemporary.

City of London – Finance District
Royal Exeter Hotel
A breeze of fresh sea air, a Renaissance building located in Bournemouth commissioned by Captain Lewis Tregonwell , currently its the Royal Exeter Hotel with obvious extensions to the original building, still nice.

Public Fixtures Art -UK


Public Lighting, Statues and Other Fixtures – Functional and Symbolic Public Objects , reflective of epoch culture, sometimes informative brushing into the territory of signs.

The wind that begun in Mesopotamia swept by Persia and Greece then Venice and touched Great Britain , its subsided for now … the long(ish) calm before the next wirldwind .