Philosophy Of Science

Whether Science is even a thing is the province of Philosophy in Greek this is called epistemology (επιστημολογία). Science is a branch of Philosophy

When I was 16 somehow a book on Cybernetics landed on my hands, I was then deported from Germany 🙄 back to Greece purportedly as an illegal immigrant (Déjà vu), however the book piqued my curiosity and I might have something to say about Cybernetic epistemology (The science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.) , a very hot topic in 2023 …. WEF globalist elite phantasies and such .

Interesting topics planned for this section are: Quantum entanglement and non behavioural communication in humans, Cyberborgs for time travel , considering the mechanics of time shifting in Einsten’s theories seems an ideal proposition..another is black holes and mathematical similarity of space mechanics and high level political /economic developments, after all mathematics has been called the language of the universe. Finally lets tie it all together with Aristotle, Freud, Einstein , Nietze, Marx and all… searching for the truth with outmost intellectual independence and honesty .

more soon when i find time, if there is any left by the time i get to it 🤣

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