Historical Portraits

Period Images and fairly accurate reconstructions that convey the essence of past times with character and emotion, largely elitist and European centric to include Russia and Middle Eastern to include Iran and North Africa .

1119 A.D. Emperor John Komninos 2nd and Irene of Hungary (Ο Ιωάννης Β’ Κομνηνός και η Ειρήνη της Ουγγαρίας)

Ο Ιωάννης Β’ Κομνηνός και η Ειρήνη της Ουγγαρίας
One of the most successful Byzantine emperors of the epoch and his wife

530 A.D. Augusta (Queen) Theodora of Byzantium (Αυγούστα Θεοδώρα)

Augusta (Empress) Theodora 497-548A.D. One of the most influential and powerful of the Eastern Roman empresses, albeit from a humble background.

1200A.D. Boukoleon Palace Constantinople (Παλάτι του Βουκολέοντα)

Βουκολέων – Boukoleon palace was the main palace for the Byzantine court until the 11th century, when the Palace of Blachernae was built by the Komnenos dynasty.

1200A.D. Forum of Augustus Theodosius (Φόρος (Πυλη) Θεοδοσίου)

Forum of Augustus Theodosius, Built by Augustus Constantine I and named Forum Tauri (Forum of the Bull) later it was renamed after (Emperor) Theodosius I, in the middle of the forum was a Roman triumphal column erected in honour of Emperor Theodosius I. 400A.D. with additions thereafter.

The forum of Theodosius led to the Philadelphion which was a public square branching into 2 main roads into Constantinople. Built initially in 280A.D. with additions thereafter.

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