Jewelery Art

The metamorphosis of nature, The richness & beauty of concentrated emotions through allegoric symbolism and emblematic objective form.
Deserves a Separate Category than a ‘mere’ Artifact Due to its Classical Added Use As a Financial Instrument.

We open this section with a Cartier Brooch of 1923 inspired by Ancient Egypt , a winged Scarab a symbol of the god of sunrise Khepri of Atum and of Re , basically symbolising resurection, rebirth, protection, immortality, wealth and royalty…. a symbol from the land of my ancient male ancestors 😃

A Lovely Enamel Broch with diamonds, ruby , perls and ‘tiffany green’ glass , by a Faberge workmaster August Frederik Hollming 1854-1915

An Art Nouveau floral Brooch with large pearl , rose diamonds in silver and gold mounted plique a jour enamel scrolls , by Hessenberg of frankfurt and Homburg

A lovely item by Rene Lalique c.1930’s is this wonderfull Art Nouveau Dragonfly Jewelery piece.

A gold snake Brooch with diamonds and Emerald