Medusa Head

Paintings, Sculptures, and Other Artifacts – Objects used by people that have aesthetic & cultural, or even archaeological significance.

I will start this gallery in a unorthodox way with a black and white image of gorgon Εὐρυάλη (Euryale) a woman who many men have met in her various modern representations …. further down this page Chuck painted how she appears in life .

Versace, one of my favourite artists , I present a small collage I made of his patterns, On the right inside the Versace style frame is an image of Gianni Versace’s fashion artworks displayed at the Groningen Museum, Netherlands. I could have posted my lively and fashionable wife walking down the street, but hey! too much art can kill. Later I will post another Versace exhibition by my aunt in Germany

Beautiful Artwork By the Young London Artist Chuck

Resuming our artistic journey, I present a captivating portrayal of a London window, evoking nostalgic reflections from the serene decades of the 1960s and 1970s.
Art Deco, House Of Erte Figurine ‘Symphony In Black’ with Swarovski crystals, platinum accents, and a sterling silver chain and 24k gold