YDNA ‘Son of the Nile’ V22+ Haplogroup שבט לוי

The V22+ Haplogroup is also called E1b1b1a1c and is a Sub Clade of E1b1b1a1 (E-M78)

The male Y-DNA haplogroup V22+ is of Egyptian Origin, spread from upper Egypt, most likely Luxor (part of which later became Thebes), to Lower Egypt and from there to Israel, the Jews (mostly Levi tribe) then carried it into Europe were it is a very rare haplogroup.

son of the nile
Scarab – The ‘phoenix’ of Ancient Egypt

Apart from Egypt the Haplogroup travelled down the Nile to Ethiopia where it is the dominant male haplogroup today and Sudan.

The vast Majority of non African V22+ in Europe I believe are of Jewish male ancestry, that was the accepted wisdom until resently when information overload and thirsty bias has spurned all sorts of unlikely theories.

Some of those Semitic V22+ ancestors became part of the Israelites  and most likely settled in Israel either during the Jewish exodus 1313B.C. (2448 Jewish year) or earlier.

The tribe of Levi has a huge Egyptian influence, it was not enslaved by the Pharaoh (Following the defeat of the Hyksos by the Egyptians) , Egyptian names appearing specifically for the Levi tribe are : Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Merari, Phinehas and more which strongly indicates  descend from Egypt.


 In Ancient Egypt, the Levi tribe served in higher Egyptian offices (Moses) or as leaders of the Israelites or both, this could partly be a reason for using Egyptian names by some who were not Egyptian Levites.

In Israel the tribe of Levi were priests of the Israelites , that role passes down from father to son unlike the other Israeli tribes were Jewish membership passes from mother to her children.

As an example of a Jewish V22+ we can use YDNA and autosomal DNA to follow the ‘Georgiou’ family (Guenzburgh?) from ancient Israel into Europe .

The family appears to have departed or expelled by the Romans from Israel to Italy , arriving in Sicily, from there they moved to mainland Italy and gradually to northern Italy eventually crossing into Switzerland (YDNA close similarity to surname Shweitzer) from there they moved into southern German palatinates (YDNA & Autosomal relatives) following that they moved into Bohemia then Romania (AustroHungarian Empire) and into the Russian empire specifically Ukraine , possibly following the Invitation to the Germans (effecttively) in 1763 by Queen Catherine the great of Russia, herself a German aristocrat, an invitation that persecuted religious minorities took advasntage of.

During these travels / historical journey in Europe they admixed (especially in the German Palatinates) with European protestants among which they lived since the protestants were also a minority religious group and a target of the Catholics.

In Ukraine/Imperial Russia the job of this rabinic Jewish family organisation was the importation of Tea and spices from India into Russia and I assume distribution by related Jewish families into the rest of Europe, sending family members through Ottoman Turkey, Iran, to Assam in India and elsewhere to bring the goods back, during these commercial journeys they left DNA traces, so that for example an Indian man from a religious caste of Assam shares the Jewish falmily’s Egyptian YDNA, and a family that traditionally operated a horse farm on the borders of Turkey and Iran , (where trading Caravans changed their horses for the long journey), shares autosomal DNA with this Jewish family.

to be continued ….