Wall Art – UK

A currated collection of Wall Art that transcends the boundaries of imagination and brings the soul of artistic expression to public living spaces, embrace the Art through our seamless online gallery experience.

Among the pieces presented two are by the incredible Polish Artist Woskerski now living in London , also included is Art by Yeko of Spain, Inkfun from ireland, Giuseppe Amed and Driper.



Medusa Head

Paintings, Sculptures, and Other Artifacts – Objects used by people that have aesthetic & cultural, or even archaeological significance.

I will start this gallery in a unorthodox way with a black and white image of gorgon Εὐρυάλη (Euryale) a woman who many men have met in her various modern representations …. further down this page Chuck painted how she appears in life .

Versace, one of my favourite artists , I present a small collage I made of his patterns, On the right inside the Versace style frame is an image of Gianni Versace’s fashion artworks displayed at the Groningen Museum, Netherlands. I could have posted my lively and fashionable wife walking down the street, but hey! too much art can kill. Later I will post another Versace exhibition by my aunt in Germany

Beautiful Artwork By the Young London Artist Chuck

Resuming our artistic journey, I present a captivating portrayal of a London window, evoking nostalgic reflections from the serene decades of the 1960s and 1970s.
Art Deco, House Of Erte Figurine ‘Symphony In Black’ with Swarovski crystals, platinum accents, and a sterling silver chain and 24k gold