Algotrading – Science of Bungee Jumping

Pagasos Algo

Artificial Intelligence is making its baby steps in 2023, In the Financial Trading Sphere it expresses itself currently mostly as a simple artificial neural network under the name Algotrading, it equates to bungee jumping into the great uknown, a competition between early managed neural networks trying to better each other, with massive amounts of money at stake, bizarrely, these days extreme arrogance helps a lot just like in poker, provided there is a reason for the arrogance 🙂

Pegasus is an Algotrading system I wrote mostly in Python, a never ending project as most A.I. work , unlike ‘Google Brain’ its input is not language but neural network algorithms (encoder-decoder structure of the transduction model part of the Transformer Architecture, neural network layers account for context and analysis Data) which contain most of my trading experience of 35 years (fuzzy logic controller) suplemented by advanced access to Information and superb math capabilities.

Pegasus Algotrading
Intro Screen of The Genesis of Pegasus

More to come on actual algotrading … first we can talk of neural Networks and explore the transformer Architecture … soon or if you cant wait 🙂 and enjoy self punishment
and somewhat more specific